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Please see the following links highlighting ePorter, Inc., and it's flagship product, the iPorter xSD.


30 under $30 (Gizmos, Gifts, and Stocking Stuffers) By James Lee pg. 161

WIRED Mag Cover

Included in list as identified by WIRED magazine of fun, useful, or handy items to give as a holidy gift.


CNET Asia Gadget Buzz

CNET Asia's hot list of cool toys out there

By Juniper Foo, CNET Asia Reviews Senior Editor

"If you got to get a Christmas gift for your tech geek pals, the iPorter xSD makes the card, er, cut as a nifty stocking stuffer. ....It'll also conveniently attach to any keyring or eyelet on a PSP, camera or portable device. Plus we like that this little gift won't bust your budget."


"ePorter memory cases protect your valuable data from static, dust, and the occasional 160 pound man who wants to stomp on them. Cards of different formats and sizes like xD, Memory Stick Duo, and MMC cards are supported.

Wait a second - Memory Stick Duo? Sounds to us like ePorter (iPorter xSD) is the perfect way to carry and protect your PSP memory cards."


The Gadgeteer

"Last year when we visited the Four Corners area, I very quickly found out how easy it is to fill a 512MB card before the end of a day. Sure, I had a spare xD card buried in my bag somewhere , but that was back at the truck! So there I was...stuck on a trail with no more digital film. Too bad I didn't have the iPorter along at the time. "


Pocket PC Thoughts

"If I told you that the iPorter xSD was made of plastic, you would probably think it wasn't very durable. Think again! These cases are lightweight and as solid as a rock - this means extra protection for your precious memory cards. The plastic has an anti-static additive which helps reduce any static and dust build-up inside and outside the cases. "

"The iPorter xSD is one of those items that you look at and say "Now why didn't I think of that?"  Fortunately, James Porter did and has made them available to the rest of us at a reasonable cost.  The iPorter is perfect for carrying a few spare cards for your digital camera.  In fact, you can attach it right to the camera bag.  It is also perfect for carrying a few cards loaded up with games or other entertainment, backups, or other specific-use cards..."

"Expansion cards are great-- they do everything from add memory and applications to new functionality to your handheld or digital camera. But those pesky little things can be very easy to lose, unless you keep them in a case like the new ePorter..."

"You may have seen some cases for memory cards that are larger and are hard to go mobile with. iPorter xSD really shrinks a memory case down to be as small as possible while still being able to hold multiple cards...." Feature Mini Review of the iPorter xSD

The outside clasp holds the case closed quite well, and the plastic is very durable, requiring significant effort to deform it where it may have any chance of damaging your cards. You can feel quite secure in knowing your cards are safe in the holder.

Foreign Reviews


PDA Mexico in Spanish

iPorter tiene la solución a tal problema de la pérdida de memoria con sun atractivo 'Flash Memory Card Case' (French)

Elle n'a l'air de rien, mais cette petite boîte va vous rendre de grands services. Tout d'abord, elle permet de mettre à l'abri vos précieuses cartes de mémoire, son revêtement anti-statique assure une bonne protection, de plus le plastique est assez dure pour résister aux pressions.


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